About us Overcoming complexity: How we do it

Whether it is the investment side of our business or asset management, Maple Knoll Capital has a rare ability to overcome complexity and turn it into an advantage

Investment management

Maple Knoll Capital has two distinct approaches when it comes to identifying investment opportunities:

Unconventional or ‘bizarre’ core: identifying high-quality assets with unique, non-prime attributes which can deliver higher income-focused returns with minimal additional risk and strong downside protection.

Special situations: seeking select investments where attractive assets are embedded within complexity that deters others, but which provide Maple Knoll with an opportunity to create or increase capital value.

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Asset management

Maple Knoll Capital is a proactive asset manager for its principal investments and select third-party mandates, working closely with other local third-party service providers to drive our investments forward.

Our asset management objective is to maximize investment returns via operational excellence, capital investment, robust corporate governance and vigilant risk management. Asset management and value creation starts early in the investment phase to avoid any hesitation between investment and ownership.

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